Nucleus fiddling

As Nic will know (because I’ve moaned about it to him many times) my biggest gripe with Nucleus is the lack of a separate field for URLs \ Email in the comment field. Well, I’ve finally fixed it with the help of these guys which means that someone like Alex will be able to advertise their site with their comment as well as have a groovy gravatar to accompany it.

As you’d expect – your website is displayed – your email address isn’t. This caused a bit of grief this afternoon as I manually edited the MySQL tables to hide people’s email addresses they’d entered after I promised to keep them private. See how much I care about you and your spam-free inboxes, readers?

I love it when Nic redesigns his site – it always motivates me to do things like this!

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Nucleus fiddling

  1. I’m glad to .. um, promote the fixing of websites!


  2. Red Dalek says:

    Just a warning (cause it happened to Nic)… regular users should double-check the fields before they post again to make sure you don’t swap around website and email!

  3. Gravatars AND free advertising, brilliant!

    Manually? Hope it all went well, congratulaions and thankyou!

  4. Bagman says:

    I have no idea what your talking about, but I just thought I should have an input.

  5. Rob says:

    Good work, free advertising

  6. Bagman says:

    So everyone who writes here just say a little about yourself so i can get to know the people im tlking to

  7. Pingu says:


    Wish I could be arsed to do it on babble – but I’d rather people go elsewhere for their advertising

  8. Bagman says:

    who are you pingu?

    not the penguin right?

  9. Bagman says:

    isnt anyone online here? not even red dalek himself? speak to me people and be enlightened by my words

  10. Not sure but penguins are known for using Mac!

  11. Red Dalek says:

    Indeed they are…

    Bagman – it is NOT a forum! Please don’t post ‘conversations’… they are ‘comments’ for a reason!

  12. El Barto says:

    You should make a forum Dom!

    I’m sure people would post on it as there’s never a dull moment here

  13. Pingu says:

    Dom, I found a bug in the thingy.
    You can hit ‘Remember Me’, so you don’t have to type in your details each time – but it only remembers the URL now, not the email address.

  14. Pingu says:

    Oh and I am penguin yes.

  15. Red Dalek says:

    Thanks Pingu – I will investigate the bug but it seems some tricky cookie issue… this is why I want it to be part of the Nucleus core instead of a messy hack!

  16. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    Damn i cant get an gravator!

  17. Red Dalek says:

    Sure you can – just sign up with, wait about a day for them to rate it, and then always include the same email address when you post

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