Being stuck on a bus isn’t fun – especially when these two really annoying girls are practising how to say resemblance over and over again. At least I got Natasha’s card and present – so prepare for (another) birthday announcement tomorrow.

Doctor Who was utterly fantastic last night – if you missed it, you’ve got to catch BBC3 tonight at 7pm. Next time I go to the doctor I’m dying to say “physical injuries… as PLAGUE” in a Richard Wilson-y voice.

And finally – Will has finally started blogging using some proper software. Welcome! I still can’t believe that domain was just going free either…!

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  1. Alex Newman says:

    Where you live, which are better, buses or trains?

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Well I prefer the tube (underground system) but not at rush hour! The buses are OK it’s just that obviously they have to share the roads so it gets very congested…

    (And I’m sure lots of Londerners would have their own opinions!)

  3. Sanna says:

    I walk everywhere.

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