Global warming – in theory and in practice!

It’s hot at the moment, so excuse the lack of anything remotely insightful in this entry. I shouldn’t let today’s History and Geography component of Humanities go without mention – History was pretty straightforward and Geography was an environmentalist’s dream focusing on air pollution, traffic congestion and global warming. OK OK you’ve made the point, just be a bit more subtle about it next time eh?

The exam itself was the stereotypical hot gym hall and I was dying for water by the end of it. Most entertaining moment was someone’s phone going off inside their pocket. Hahaha – you’re screwed.

E4 and E4+1 have launched on Freeview today. It’s quite a big deal – another blow to Sky’s crippling platform with spiralling revenues and declining content. Unfortunately Big Brother also starts tonight, the show I’ve always found utterly dull beyond belief. I might be avoiding Babbleblog for the next month or so too

The important question about E4 – is it a commercial decision or a political one? Will the volatile advertising market make up for the loss in subscription revenue, or is the loss worth is to convince the government they’re a public service broadcaster, supporting Freeview, and digital switchover. The answer, I guess, will come whenever E4 makes a profit!

Right – William Hague is presenting Have I Got News For You in 5 minutes. Cheerio, and have a good half term.

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Global warming – in theory and in practice!

  1. Congratulations on finishing your exams!
    Please, please, please don’t tell me it was crazy frog going off in the hall!

    Oh and I’m very relieved that mattsez is gone BUT to be replaced with domsez.

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Thanks I now have a week to relax and\or study hard.

    And no, it wasn’t crazy frog – it was something very old and mono actually. Hahahaha twice!

  3. El Barto says:

    E4 Sucks!

    I like it when there’s no Big Brother!

    Bring back Sex and the City, Friends (well, they are still on) Will and Grace, Desperate Housewives, etc…

    In theory Channel 4, E4, E4+1 and 705 (BB Live Stream) will all be playing live action from the house at the same time!!!

    I want normal E4!

  4. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    w00t w00t Kemal is no muslim he is gay!
    E4 rox the natation

    Joking sometimes it is REALLY BAD BB of course but sumtimes its good

  5. Red Dalek says:

    Oh my god – Islam vs Buddhism, what a great choice

    Go for Atheism mate! It’s easy to convert and there’s a 30 day guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied*

    *Note – guarantee will not be honoured

  6. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    thats awful

  7. Red Dalek says:

    I know. I think it’s wrong for people to promise things that won’t be delivered

  8. His sexuality is at the centre of his religous dilemma ::

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