Well, that was much better than I expected. Spanish reading (the thing I really flopped in the mocks) was much easier in the real thing. I didn’t ace it but now I’m pretty confident of getting at least a B (he says, hoping it won’t come back to haunt him!) and even if not, at least I’ll get a decent-enough GCSE out of Spanish. Excelente!

In non GCSE news, we’ve got new neighbours moving in as I speak. Always had nice people next door and they don’t seem to buck the trend.

Anyway, enough socialising, tomorrow is the 2nd half of Humanities – History and Geography – and then it’s half term! So, time to memorise some dates…

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  1. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    urgh humanites!

  2. Rob says:

    A nice, boring end to the week then

  3. Bagman says:

    Well i hope to do well im hummanities today, even if i have spelt it wrong

  4. El Barto says:

    RS today was EASY!!!

  5. Rob says:

    Time to relax now

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