A nice picture to distract you from the dull text

Journalism is unreadable and literature is not read

(Oscar Wilde continuing my quotes intended to brighten up these posts)

English Literature today, if you hadn’t gathered already. The first time, as expected, when my hand was sore from writing afterwards. (I have no idea why we still have to write essays by hand. When in life do you ever have to write anything longer than a paragraph by hand?) Having said that, it didn’t go too badly at all. In the Of Mice and Men section I chose the question that no-one else seemed to do, and I still believe was better. Then I took the big sprawling essay poetry question over the two-part ones, because I wanted to cut down on writing introductions and endings, and it was easier to manage.

A nice picture to distract you from the dull text

Teachers are always telling you to plan your essays – so I scrawled a short list of bullet points in literally 15 seconds for each – which I only half-stuck to anyway. Partly cause I had a flash of inspiration near the end (I’m writing about relationships? Let’s talk about power struggles!) which I wanted to include. So, meh. To hell with planning.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ve got Spanish Reading and then no more spanish, ever. Unless I get kidnapped and taken to a mysterious village where everybody calls me ‘Número Seis’. But that’s not very likely.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Mum!

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Journalism is unreadable and literature is not read

  1. Nathan says:

    I think you should be open minded about getting captured dom it might just happen hehehe cool site thing.

  2. Kidnapped and forced against your will to design a website for their evil organsation; it could happen.

    I agree about hand-writing it, surely it would also be easier to mark?

  3. Red Dalek says:

    Absolutely, they wouldn’t have to read my handwriting any more! Oh, and you could *edit* your writing like civilised people do. I hope all the examining bodies have visited my site printed on all my coursework and are reading this now!

  4. Man if we lived in a world where we never had to write, children would be taught with computers instead of pens. Then pepole will stop tlking an instead they would type. For instance what if all the computers in the world got fried by the electro-magnetic pulse caused by the suns radiation unto a secret russian weapon in space which magnified the danger. No human would know how to communicate other than maybe trying to type the floor. But writing has to be kept up an continued to be taught in this world.

    Happy bday doms mum

  5. And when you finish early you could play games, surf the internet (easyessay.com and the like blocked of course) and moan on your blog about the exam, with quotes.

  6. Oh yea, looking forward to the last ever mattsez!
    Can I just ask, why it’s the last?

  7. El Barto says:

    Happy birthday Dom’s Mum!!! :p

    I did Literature today and did a ‘plan’ but also didn’t really stick to it.

    Of Mice and Men was easy and was comparing ‘Lennie and George’ which is the eaiest question you could ever be asked as there are so many quotes and stuff to use!!! The poems was another story but I think I passed it ok. At least I don’t have to touch another poem or compare it

    Good luck for Spanish Reading tomorrow!

  8. Not telling Check it this Wednesday, only at Ruberyvillage.co.uk [OK, and here – but that doesn’t count ]

  9. Happy birthday Dom’s mum!

  10. Shouldn’t that be mom, since your in America?

    Anyway happy birthday dom’s mum!

  11. Katie Self says:

    Happy Birthday MUMMY!

  12. Rob says:

    Happy Birthday Dom’s Mummy
    And what’s this about yr last Mattsez?

  13. Red Dalek says:

    All will be revealed on Wednesday…!

    Mum is chuffed with you all and even visited babbleblog to find out more about the mysterious Pingu character.

  14. [today is wednesday and it’s 10pm, you’ve got 2 hours left!]

    What, Pingu the mac lovin’, bearded (only found that out today) penguin?

  15. Red Dalek says:

    *Next* Wednesday!

  16. Ah, but it says "PS. Don’t forget to read the LAST EVER edition of MATTsez on Friday" on babble so now I’m confused.

  17. Red Dalek says:

    To be perfectly honest, so am I. That’s why Nic is The Editor and I am just the humble journo.

    No one’s putting much thought into the current RV at the moment because the changeover to RV:05 is imminent. And I assure you, not a day goes by without my MSN window shaking with ‘WHY IS IE DOING THAT?!?’

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