Be on your guard

The aftermath of a tragedy always carries sick profiteers. Today comes London’s vultures in the shape of the BNP.

BNP campaign uses bus bomb photo

The British National Party has used a photograph of the bombed London bus for an election leaflet.

“Maybe now it’s time to start listening to the BNP,” says the slogan alongside the photo in a leaflet for a council by-election in Barking, east London.

Conservative David Davis continued the Conservative’s mature response to this disaster by slamming the tactic. “This tasteless and bigoted leaflet shows the depths to which the BNP have to sink.” A terror attack isn’t about party politics – unless you’re a cynical opportunist who thinks the first response should be calling for Blair and Bush’s resignation (a certain Mr. G) or a miserable little racist party trying to stir up hatred in the face of the thing they hate most – people coming together.

In memory of everyone who died – I hope this will open people’s eyes to the fascist nature of the BNP.

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Be on your guard

  1. Well it’s inevitable really, but it just had to be them. This can only deepen my hatred for the BNP.

  2. Rob says:

    the fact is, would the BNP be any more aware of what was going to happen?

  3. Nic Parkes says:

    This REALLY is beyond the point of Politics. The use of that image as a way of gaining votes only serves to remove the human aspect of the terror bombings. People died in those attacks because of <b>murders</b>. Motivated by whatever: greed, religion, money – even a glass of fucking coca cola – they are EVIL people. Islamic people are not evil, Muslim people are not evil and some people’s views in this country need to change: too many people are eager to jump anyone and anything who isn’t English and blame an entire disaster on them. It’s not the way to do it. At all.

    The BNP have shown themsleves with this to be exactly what we’ve always known them to be – something that any decent person would not even think of voting for.

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