Atif 'The Chief' and some early morning refreshment

Eton Diary (Part 2)

The Eton story continues on Tuesday with our first full packed day of lessons, activities, much eating and another great debate in the evening.

But first – I’m always a little disorientated for a few seconds in the morning, and realising that it’s 7.15, and I’m being woken up by a loud bell in a boys dormitory at one of Britain’s most famous private schools is, ur, enough to make me fall straight back to sleep in shock until the second “we really mean it this time” bell at 7.30.

Breakfast at 8, which all through the week served some delicious combination of eggs \ bacon \ sausages \ toast completed by a hot chocolate and, for the very tired amongst off, some strong coffee.

The first lesson was Physics, which I described later on in the daily newsletter which you’ll read below. Then it was an introduction to Philosophy, Socrates and his wacky fascinating ‘Cave Theory’ stating that you might as well not take notes in this lesson, because it’s all just a mere shadow of reality anyway. Thanks Socrates!

Atif 'The Chief' and some early morning refreshment

After a short (read: enough time for biscuits) break it was time for History, which was my favourite lesson at Eton. What is History, and Why is it Important? How can we explain the causes of an event? Who is responsible for certain things happening? It just got better throughout the week…

The final lesson of the day was Maths, where we fixated around triangles and centroids and circles and stuff. And I sat next to arch-nemesis (only joking) Hiten, the offically “cleverest person at Maths in da school”. It didn’t rub off.

Right, then we had lunch! More food – of the which the abundance of jelly stands out most clearly. Matthew and I made it our mission to consume as much jelly as possible (it was delicious) and dubbed George Fussy as our jelly dealer due to his brave work in smuggling us even more jellies out of the Eton buffet.

Am I smiling in a photo again? You decide

Best part of the day was what followed – the outdoor pool activities. We donned wetsuits, and rather over the top life jackets, before furiously paddling canoes across the water (our team won again) trying out the surfboard and jumping off the top of the diving board. It was great, even if I did look like Pingu in that suit.

You might as well jump, it's the quickest way down

After tea (yet more biscuits) and tutorial (are we better people yet?) my group did Journalism. Now obviously writing on computer for a publication was a bit of a shock to my system but I managed to do it, and managed to use vaguely correct grammar as well. Have a read here, or download the whole newsletter from the official site.

Then evening meal, and then finally – the debate! ‘I Shop, therefore I am’ was all about the evils of marketing. Or at least, that’s what it pretended to be during the first half – until it turned into a passionate defence of said capitalism! Now, I’m not a Socialist Worker reader or a No Logo activist, but “Marketing represents Freedom” is a bit of stretch to anyone. And I said so. Repeatedly. Woo hay!

It was presented by Atif (you see, I deviously slipped a photo of him in before for brand building purposes) and his Australian friend, who are both lovely people who happen to work in marketing. They also might be reading this. So here’s another flattering photo of Atif to finish off this post:

Atif. The Chief. The Marketing Chief.

[Serious Announcer Voice] Tomorrow – Double lessons! More water! Some Art! And just to make it all gel, the five steps to tyranny thrown in as well!

But for now, goodnight

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Eton Diary (Part 2)

  1. Maya says:

    Yh my day kinda started different…we only got one bell but i ddnt care coz i was up at 5:30 (with only 6 showers to share between 30 girls you need to get up early!)In order to sustain myself throughout the whole day i resorted in having a triple expresso which was well nasty but I was buzzing for the rest of the day!Swimming was great but i ddnt even attempt to jump off of any of the boards as my fear of heights quickly made sure it wasn’t forgotten…and those life jackets were a pain in the arse because they made me swim slower…But the day was great and the company was even better (dom, u know what i’m on about!)

  2. Red Dalek says:

    5:30? No wonder people started sleeping in lessons!

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