Happy Birthday KaTwee*!

*(That’s Katie, for those not in the know)

Yes, it’s past midnight and I shouldn’t be up, but it is truly Katie’s 11th birthday today. Huzzah! Ah, I remember being that age. Even more so since it was the ‘Welcome to QPCS’ evening tonight which I tagged along to for nostalgia reasons. My dad and I invented a new (snowy) Canadian town – Happenmattersmattersnow – out of all the words that were exclamation marked on the back of the PTFA leaflet. Say it out loud joyously!

I bought Katie’s present at the Bull Ring in Birmingham cause that’s where I was all weekend, happily invited to Lucy’s dad’s 50th birthday party as documented by the ever-wonderful Josie here – who now becomes my most seen Birmingham person ever with a grand total of 5 occasions! Oh and congrats for running the Sport Relief mile, something Joshua did back here in Lon to the Don too.

Incidentally, in the morning at Lucy’s house we found surely on of the funniest books ever made: a Brit’s guide to Disney World Florida. With such helpful advice such as ‘if your kids want to eat chicken nuggets solid for 2 weeks, let them. It won’t kill them and will make mealtimes easier for you!’ and ‘if you’re tempted to doctor your receipts to avoid export tax, don’t, it’s illegal’. OK well it was amusing at the time

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7 Comments on :
Happy Birthday KaTwee*!

  1. I have that book…

    & of course, Happy Birthday Katie!

  2. GG says:

    I want that book!!!

    Incidently I was never 11.

  3. Rob says:

    Happy Birthday to Katie!
    Cant even remember what it was being like 11, quite a few years ago now!
    Well I can’t make myself sound old because I’m not – Yet.

  4. Jake says:

    Funnily enough i saw Rob write up his comment on the Webcam. Happy Bday Katie

  5. Unknow says:

    Happ to da E Birthday !!!

    So cool!!!! Being 11… I remember da day to da zz!!!

  6. Katie Self says:

    Yat, thankie all

  7. Dad says:

    Reading about the chicken nuggets reminded me of the most probable explanation for the the fact that teenagers are now generally taller than their parents – the growth hormone that allegedly has been given to chickens.


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