Coach Journey, George presents the folders

Eton Diary (Part 1)

OK, so I’m going to break down my “what happened at Eton” posts by day to avoid Eton-overload syndrome. For more details, photos and newsletters check out and click on Summer Courses > Brent-Eton. (It’s a bit of a weird website so you can’t link to specific pages.)

Right then, on Monday (too early in the) morning we gathered at Brent’s Bridge Park Leisure Complex to get on a coach bound for Eton. Course Director George Fussy, who bears a remarkable resemblance to a certain US President, then presented us with a lovely black folder that screamed “Hello, we have money here!”

Coach Journey, George presents the folders

After a quick tour, and lunch, it was time for Athletics! Which was actually really quite fun – a mixture of jumping, running and jumping again. I should mention that all the previous year’s records were broken, and that my sport group (Team A. Star.) ‘won’ the Athletics in terms of good teamwork. Which is sweet, don’t you think?

Jumping, Running, Jumping again

Next up was tea (the food was delicious and I will definitely talk more about it sometime, don’t worry) and then ‘Creative Options’ which meant Music Technology for my group. Considering it was my very first time using this kind of software, and that I had to use this funny kind of computer called a Mac which apparently some people actually use all the time, what came out the other end isn’t too bad. Download and listen here! “Made on a Mac” (OS X Panther for those who care)

Then we had another meal which was followed by our chill out time fire bell testing and then a presentation entitled ‘The Clone Ranger’ about, ur, cloning. I volunteered to go up afterwards and present my group’s findings after debating the issues, where I got Promise mad by talking about “mad old women who would clone hundreds of cats”. She thought it was sexist. So sorry, mad old men too.

Finally it was time to go back our dorms, play pool, table football, watch TV (I sat through 10 minutes of mind-numbingly dull Big Brother) before going to our rooms (individual rooms too – and high quality compared to most school trips!) and sleeeeeeep.

Next Time on Dominic’s Eton Diary: Lessons! Swimming! Wetsuits! And much much more!

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4 Comments on :
Eton Diary (Part 1)

  1. Maya says:

    Wehey!!! Eton ws soooooooo kl

    canne wait 2 go bak in 2 yrs 2 help owt!

  2. Rob says:

    Sounds like a good time…
    Worth Going in the end?

  3. Red Dalek says:

    Hmm, I’m probably smiling in desperation of being in a Maths lesson next to my ultra-clever nemesis Hiten! (Only joking, everybody loves Hiten)

    And yes Rob – definitely worth going!

  4. Haha! You’ve been caught smiling in a photograph!
    And looking really intelligent and serious in another,

    Music is good, congratulations.

    I’ll bet anything that a certain penguin will be commenting here within the hour about your Mac comments.

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