Last Day of School

Well, technically. There’s still the small matter of revision sessions, Spanish speaking tests (on Thursday!), GCSE exams, the Prom, Results Day, Certificate Presentation Evening and a whole 2 years of Sixth Form… but aside from all that it’s the last time our year will be together. Sorry if I find it hard to get all emotional, but the girls do that well enough on their own

The wonderful Yearbook sold out and is being re-printed, but if you can’t wait to see photos of each other, Bagman is very keen for people to visit his gallery of adorable faces. God knows why I let him get all this free advertising!

So tomorrow, on my first day of ‘freedom’, I’ll probably… head right back into school for revision. Wow, Blair was right, ‘choice’ really is better

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Last Day of School

  1. BAGMAN says:

    hey dominic, thanks for the free advertising. but the spanish speaking test is confusing me. can ya call me on the numbers i sent.

  2. Sanna says:

    In school….. bleeeergh. Just finished the I.T. exam. I want to die.

  3. Red Dalek says:

    Aww.. we never had to do ICT SATs! How’d it go? Any questions on blogging?

  4. BAGMAN says:

    so sanna is tryin to become a regular on doms site huh? well how was your sats then ms sanna?

  5. Rob says:

    Well Dom, while you’ve just left, I still have those 2 years ahead .
    They’ll go quickly I’m pretty sure, seems like yesterday I satarted year 7!

  6. Alex Newman says:

    Lucky you get to finish so early. For me, school ends June 28.

  7. god says:

    hay dom do me a favour and send me a copy of when the humanities exams are on and exactly which subject will be in each one e.g. usa/re/world of work, etc, cos i lost that part of the sheet and need to know which part i need to revise and which i can leave till thursday.

    oh yah and can someone tell me how do i put a picture next to my comment like everyone else

  8. Red Dalek says:

    Tuesday is RE and World of Work, Friday is History and Geography.

    Oh, and sign up with your email address at to get your picture with your posts

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