And we’re off…

Welcome to Part 1 of my uninteresting outpouring of thoughts after a GCSE exam. Today was Spanish Speaking, one of the hardest for me, and all in all I thought it went pretty well. No major fuck ups, and I was very lucky with the topics that came up for conversation! After a presentation on ‘The Environment’ I got ‘Home Life’ and ‘Education & Work’ – and I was very relieved not to get anything on ‘Tourism’.

Our teacher is great though – which calmed the nerves. Next up: Spanish listening. Monday.

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And we’re off…

  1. El Barto says:

    Always a relief to get the speaking exams out of the way in my opinion!

    Mine was French last Wednesday, however it probably didn’t go as well as your spanish :$

    Good Luck for all your other exams Dom

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Thanks – nice to see a fellow GCSEr on here! We’ll suffer together Best of luck!

  3. BAGMAN says:

    oh my god dominic you said the f-word. are you changing into a rebelious teen who isnt articulate at all?

    Oh my god, your turning into me!!!

  4. nice new exam graphics!

  5. Red Dalek says:

    Yes. I’m a bit worried I’ve reduced my GCSEs to the stature of a DFS sale, but hey!

  6. Just completed my spanish oral exam. It was a lot easier than i thought it would be. I altogether spoke about seven minutes maybe more

  7. Cryta says:

    In one french exam i spoke about a red apple for 10 minutes and got an A*

  8. >_ says:

    We want to know who Cryta is…

  9. Apple bagman says:

    How can you talk about a red apple for ten minutes even in english? Let me try

    hello, my name is bagman an today i will be talking to you about my prized possesion, my apple. Well i first got an apple i was about three years old. Before that i had apple pieces, but never a whole apple. I like my apple alot. It is the colour red. I chose this colour because an apple very similar to mine was consumed by snow white and put her into a long slumber. Apple is a fruit. This fruit comes from a tree. There are other fruits like oranges, bananas and tomatoes. Some apples contain worms and insects. My apple does not. My apple has been sprayed with pesticides while growing to prevent insect from damaging it. However you don’t have to use pesticides on all apples. Fruits which have had no pesticides are called organic. Organic means with no protection from nature. It also means more costly and less tasty. Apples can be enjoyed by all races and religions. There isn’t a religion or race that is against eating apples and so they are the best food source in the world. So if your not too sure on what food to serve to an unfamilia religious person just give them a table full of apples. There are more colours than red though, the second most popular colour is the colour green. This type of apple looks more natural and vegetarian. Well i think everyone will aggree apples are the greatest and would ask for everyone to raise their apples to a toast….. TO APPLES

    The end man. Not ten minutes though

  10. Sanna says:

    Hahahaha. Very good Budd

  11. Cryta says:

    well i kinda mixed it up.. put most of it in FRench poetry and compared that with the weather and really i dunno how i done this i talked about the Iraq war with when an apple drops and dies

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