All Bar One

Is a pub chain, apparently. Anyway, I’ve only got one GCSE left now – History on Tuesday – after this morning’s Science. To be honest, I can’t even remember that much about the exam, nothing really sticks out as being particularly irregular or even slightly humorous. They asked the questions on climate change (again!), life on Mars and how fast this car was travelling (um, probably an electric car) and I did my best to answer. Strangely, the hardest questions were the bits we hadn’t been taught

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All Bar One

  1. You were taught them Dom. If you didn’t have the notes then you obviously were away and forgot to copy up afterwards.

    Don’t be so stupid and expect that teachers ever don’t teach any part of a course; it’s YOU that’s incompetant, not them. OK?

  2. Gppd luck with your last exam! That’ll be a big relief I expect, or will it just lead to a facial tick over your results?

  3. gppd, I bet your all so grateful that I make mistakes on purpose to teach you little lessons.
    Today : all ways check your comments before posting to avoid looking like a twat.

    [Checks this comment in word]

  4. Red Dalek says:

    LOL! – of course I forgot about the complete infallibility of the system Nic…

    Alex, I have no idea what you mean According to Google, either I’m getting a "repetitive, spasmodic movement" (which is a *tic* btw) or someone’s getting a marker pen over my face… please explain!

  5. Red Dalek says:

    Stop apologising and tell us what you meant! I’m anxious now…

  6. That’ll be the "repetitive, spasmodic movement".

    Obviously today’s not my day for typing words correctly.

  7. Red Dalek says:


    [Weirdly, I used to do that by nodding my head really violently, which gave a terrible headache, so I stopped.]

    If my results are good, I’ll be posting them on this site. If not, I’ll be posting fake results on this site and crying softly.

    [Oh, and by ‘good’ it doesn’t have to be some brilliant run of whatever, just decent enough.]

  8. Im not getting anything waaaaah
    gppd for u all! jokes (maybe a should have added a BRAP BRAP in the middle oh no i think im going crazy)

  9. Free-bagman says:

    I had my last exam today. No more early mornings for me

    boom baby

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