It’s true what they say

You may live in one of the world’s famous cities, but you only really visit it when a friend comes from abroad. Then you get to be a tourist in your own city. Today I went on another London Walk in and around St Paul’s Cathedral which, you know, was cool. It’s a big Cathedral. With a dome. And a small sculpture done by an agnostic called “Mother and Child” because calling her a virgin was just too much. (Agnostics have always seemed rather dodgy to me – stop sitting on the fence already!)

Also today – I returned a corrupt DVD to and so far, fingers crossed, their returns service has been as exceptional as their delivery. You do have to phone up for authorisation to return something, but it was picked up straight away, and dealt with very quickly. And they refund the postage too. Hooray for Play!

Tonight I caught another BBC3 showing of the American remake of The Office which I first blogged about in January and, I’m delighted to say, isn’t nearly as bad as the teaser trailer would have you believe. It’s actually a very faithful adaptation, and reasonably entertaining in itself, although obviously it doesn’t reach the glorious heights that the original did. I’m not sure exactly what I’m expecting from this series really: if they retell the same jokes, it’s hardly very exciting, but if they change something, it feels weird.

An episode only runs to about 22 minutes without adverts as well, which means that the editing has to be tighter, detracting slightly from the feel of the show. The more un-PC humour is toned down, and it’s interesting to see “head office” replaced by “corporate”, “redundancies” by “downsizing” and so on. But hey, that’s Britain and America, divided by a common language as they say. (No, I’m sorry, I can’t remember exactly who said it. Shoot me.)

Tomorrow, or rather today since it’s after midnight, is DOCTOR WHO FINALE DAY! In case you’d forgotten. No spoilers. Bad Wolf!

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It’s true what they say

  1. I saw a pic of that American OFfice i didnt look convincing

  2. El Barto says:

    I wanna go on a London Tour Bus but am too embarrased to (dunno why) to see what I live around! I know what’s here, but I feel tourists no much more than I do which is annoying!

  3. Mr_X says:

    "…it’s better the devil you know!"
    Sorry, just had to finish off the lyrics in your title Dom.

  4. Pingu says:

    I saw that episode of The Office all americanised about a year ago.. it was awful!

  5. Alex Newman says:

    Yeah, i live in NY and the only time I go to anything like the empire state building is when someone from out of town comes in. And I think I’ve only been there twice.

  6. Sanna says:

    I’ve been on a London tour bus… it was really quite cool although I faked a vaguely foreign accent because I, too, was embarrassed. Stupid really. But it’s recommended. You get to see and find out a whole lot of shit you didn’t know about!

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