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An exam that’s actually fun!?

English Paper 2 today. Section A was a bog standard piece of poetry comparison that, you know, I just did without too much thought. And then in Section B I made a choice – I could have done some incredibly easy letter about improvements to our school or something equally done, but I decided to do the much more fun “Describe a nightmare world.”

So then I spent 45 minutes having fun just doing some creative writing, following my well worn formula of writing a narrative featuring a character walking down a street (this time he gets to shoot someone, but she’s bleeding to death anyway, so what the hell) and then arrive at a camp to have a confrontation with a “chavvie” before being gassed by the metallic Wardens. Oh, it was cool. Although I can’t seem to stop putting in Doctor Who references – this time the ‘Kaled clan’.

I did wonder about making my ‘nightmare world’ a Tory party conference or something, but sci-fi seemed the way to go.

I also managed today to wrench PC2 off the horrible, resource-hogging and damn UGLY Norton onto the standardised McAfee that every other PC uses. And then I got terribly bored and re-branded it. How weird. (The file is oemlogo.gif if anyone cares enough.)

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16 Comments on :
An exam that’s actually fun!?

  1. Twould be very interesting to be the person marking your papers I think.

    McAfee logo is very cool, I’ll have to give that a go sometime.

  2. How do you manage to respond the comments so fast? Or aren’t you premoderating them any more?

  3. Red Dalek says:

    No I’m just really, really fast

    Your comment was followed very neatly by a piece of spam just to illustrate the point.

  4. But seriously, it’s seconds between commenting and it being published! Wow.

  5. Red Dalek says:

    I have the Admin page open and Outlook buzzes when emails come – and I’ve got nothing better to do at the moment!

  6. El Barto says:

    And I picked the letter!

    For Shame El Barto, for shame!

  7. Pingu says:

    I think you need to get a Mac Dom.

    All the AV bollocks – it’s so silly!

  8. McAfee sounds like a chav!

  9. Did anyone hear about that Dalek getting "kidnapped"?

  10. How can a virus prevention software prgramme POSSIBLY sound like a chav?!

  11. Pingu says:

    Anyone with a PC is a chav. You all need a Mac.

  12. Alex Newman says:

    Too much british slang in here

  13. Alex Newman says:

    I get it
    can’t think of the equivalent American word though
    could either be wannabe or wigger, but i think its something else

  14. Alex Newman says:

    they’re sort of opposites in a twisted kind of way
    trailer trash or rednecks or white trash would be something like this page:
    its a bad example, but the first on the list

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