[If you haven’t seen Doctor Who yet, don’t read this. Come back when you’ve watched it. Quickly now.]

I’m having trouble thinking about anything other than Doctor Who tonight… how on earth am I going to get through next week’s exams waiting for the conclusion now? Damn you Russell T. Davies!

The reality stuff was great, defying some expectations, and the scene where Rose was shot was brilliant – because you really didn’t see that coming. It’s TV, the heroes always dodge the fatal blasts at the last minute… but not here.

And now – the most important thing – theories. I know when a lot of people heard the voice on the ‘Next Time’ trailer they assumed Davros or the Emperor Dalek was back. However, to me, the Adam theory seems very neat. He hates the Doctor for abandoning him on Earth, he’s got advanced technology, knowledge of history – GG might be right – he might even be Davros!

That’d be perfect for me too – since the character in my English exam was called Adam and part of the Kaled clan. Enough for extra marks?

Red Dalek says – EXTERMINATE!

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  1. She got shot!!! I’m Free!

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Um – well, not quite…

    You don’t think we’d really have Rose Tyler killed off do you?

  3. Katie Self says:


    Dom you nearly fell off the sofa, but I nearly did too!

  4. Tasha says:

    I think it’s that man with them now… there’s something about him! He’s too similar to the doctor to be good aswell.

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