Double bill

Today was the first (and only) day with two subjects on the same day, and my neck is hurting from having to lean over the low table. Apart from that, it went well

ICT was first and went as expected. I had finished, checked and double checked after 1 hour 15 minutes, so I had 45 minutes left to drink some water, lean back, read the case study, go up to 1000 on my calculator simply by pressing +1, go back down to 0 by pressing -1, re-read the case study, count the number of lights on the ceiling, read the nutritional information on my water bottle, and finally stare at the clock. Seriously, the ICT exam is easy.

“Peter is 12. What two things might he do online to pursue his hobby – golf?”

Well, getting a life would help. Golf?! At 12!?

Anyway – then came 2 hours of Maths (non-calculator, higher tier) in the afternoon. And it was actually quite a good paper, although I won’t use the word “easy” like our head of year did. Screwed up on a question about cylinders and ignored an algebra one, but apart from that I was quite pleased with it. Especially satisfying when you get the vectors question (it’s a little puzzle!) and when you’ve got a mass of equations down to something nice and simple.

My Maths GCSE now really lies in the second paper, and how generous they are with the grade boundaries.

Tomorrow is English Part 1 – but without any poetry. Thank god.

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Double bill

  1. Good and bad then I suppose.

  2. El Barto says:

    Your soooo lucky Dom!

    I have 4 days with 2 exams on them!

    The one on Monday was Geography and Science which went on for hours and Thursday is gonna seem longer with French and History!!!

  3. Sanna says:

    WELL DONE for all your wonderful hard work, Dom. Make sure you’re out at break tomorrow – you don’t want to forget how to socialise completely.
    By the way I got the Level 8 English thing! So well done to me too! BUT I only get it if I get 7 in the SATs )

  4. Red Dalek says:

    Woot! Congrats – I never got that!

  5. Sanna says:

    19th June is Father’s Day, so remember to get Jay something.

  6. Red Dalek says:

    It’s MY birthday, so forget Father’s Day already!

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  8. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    Bagman u r a lucky biatch! Hmmm Fathers day came at the worst time!
    One week exactly after my mums birthday! so im broke! HWIKkifha\h!
    Good i hate poetry! Burn it all

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