At 9am this morning ruberyvillage.co.uk went live with a huge redesign. As Nic wrote, it was a long night for the dev team – I hit the pillow at 1:30 but Nic and Andy stayed up literally all night to get it finished. Great work everyone, especially seeing the CSS needed reworking at the last minute!

Don’t forget to check out DomSez on Monday – which may or may not be cross-posted here – and leave your comments on the RV site itself.

In other news, as you’ve probably gathered I’m back from Suffolk and we’re meeting Tash and Mum at the airport today. I have a long task list for today as well! Including some last minute Science revision for tomorrow…

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  1. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    last minute revision and homework for me im hoping to got 60% on my languages tests so i dont have to do german or italian

  2. Rob says:

    Good that the work’s paid off staying up all night and all

  3. Pingu says:

    It was pretty much bang-on five when it was completed – it was light outside! Argh!

    (oh dom btw – can you edit the form template and stick an ‘s’ accesskey on the Add Comment button?)

  4. Red Dalek says:

    Access key added

  5. What’s that about Italian and German?

  6. Sorry just spotted it, nice new favicon.

  7. 3rd time in a week I basically watched it get light.

  8. Pingu says:

    Oh yay teh accesskeyness rocks.

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