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Well, actually, no. This message has been pre-recorded in case I don’t get my hands on some nice juicy internet access up here. Please assume I’m having a great time \ pronounced dead at 0800 hours (delete as applicable). Tash just phoned from Barcelona and she’s having a great time… although since this post is “in the future” she’s back today. Hooray! I better get a present! Along with Alex Trafford, who needs to start blogging again. Soon.

Incidentally – I believe the winner of the Olympic Bid has now been announced. Here’s my reaction:

Paris: Well, surprise! They were the favourites I guess, and I gave them about a 65% chance of getting it. And if it all goes wrong, we can now watch safely from across the channel.

London: Yay! Hahaha – take that Paris! I always knew we would get it! And our fantastic transport infrastructure will definitely be able to handle millions of extra people, no problem!

New York: Hmm, that was unexpected. I’m sure Alex Newman would be pleased with the result, but still, wow.

Madrid: Ur, again, didn’t see that one coming. According to the BBC though, it had the highest public approval rating of them all. So it looks like they got what they wanted

Moscow: Yeah right. I mean – must be a typo or something. Sorry Russia!

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Blogging from Eton

  1. Oh I’m sure the "elitist private school designed to be a throwback to the terminally ill class system" will have a dusty modem somewhere.

    Please don’t die, which of course is redundant as if you are reading this you’re most likely not, I’d be incredibly bored without this blog in my little circle of blogs to read several times a day.

    And as soon as I’ve had a quick sleep I’ll be blogging again.

  2. Pingu says:

    You go dom.. yeahahh!

  3. Yeah we got the olympics lets just hope the Transport gets sorted out in 2012 >_> MY GOD I’LL BE 20!

  4. Rob says:

    Well Done London

  5. Tasha says:

    hey I’m back from barcelona!! it was realllllly good, hope eaton is too.



    sorry paris… next time perhaps :p


  6. London won the Olympics man. London in hell. Explosions everywhere around where i live. My cousin is doin work experience right near where a bus blew up. Wow this is a real london experience man. I know it’s sad because so far two ppl have died, but it’s exciting. i want more explosions man. Burn Kill Destroy!!!

  7. Sanna says:

    Man, this is a bad week for you to go away. You were complaining that nothing was happening in the news, and now – G8, the Olympics and bombings all in like 3 days. Fuuck, man. It’s too much.
    Our hearts go out to the affected x

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