Five things about the next version of

1. They’ll be a beta test involving regular users with special logons and fancy passwords.

2. The new look features ‘Indian Red’

3. Everything will validate. Everything!

4. Current bugs include a chilling demonstration of Internet Explorer 6’s ‘guillotine’ bug – recently fixed in IE7

5. It’ll knock babble’s socks off.

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Five things about the next version of

  1. Indian red? I’m intrigued, can I have a hex code?

  2. Red Dalek says:

    No, but you can do yourself a Google search…

  3. Red Dalek says:

    When you’re working in FTP, stylesheet.css and stylesheet.css in another folder look very familiar. Thank god for backups!

    Oh and no, the code you want is #F75D59. It can be very pretty.

  4. Nice colour.
    I have a feeling the new will be very interesting.

    So, how long do you think we’ve got to wait until we can see it?

  5. Red Dalek says:

    You’ll be invited to the beta, so unless I get it done very quickly, probably in the last week of August when I get back from Greece.

  6. Rob says:

    Nice colour, and again the new site should be interesting

  7. El Barto says:

    Will I be on this list? :mrgreen:

    I can’t wait for this new version btw

  8. Red Dalek says:

    Aside from family members who might sneak a look – my current plan is for Rob, Alex, El Barto, Nic and Pingu to beta and yell at me for a week at anything they don’t like \ doesn’t work in their browser. I’ve just got to make sure it’ll all done by the time school starts!

  9. El Barto says:


    does this indian red have anything to with the Red Dalek? Sorry, I had to ask…

  10. Red Dalek says:

    That, and wanting to stop looking like an advert for the bloody Tory party…

  11. El Barto says:

    Ahh, I wondered when politics would enter this item

    leaves and SLAMS the door!

  12. Pingu says:

    Babble shall remain err.. good. Hurrah!

  13. This?

    Did your redesign have anything to do with the lack of style
    last night?

  14. Katie Self- says:

    It looks quite good but it makes the blue look really pale.

  15. Has this blog been tested for chrissake! None of the links work anywhere.

  16. Red Dalek says:

    Please elaborate Lobster It’s in beta for a reason!

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