IE 7 – CSS – Yay yay yay!

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The Internet Explorer team explain on their weblog how the final version of IE 7 will improve standards support:

In IE7, we will fix as many of the worst bugs that web developers hit as we can, and we will add the critical most-requested features from the standards as well. Though you won’t see (most of) these until Beta 2, we have already fixed the following bugs from PositionIsEverything and Quirksmode:

* Peekaboo bug
* Guillotine bug
* Duplicate Character bug
* Border Chaos
* No Scroll bug
* 3 Pixel Text Jog
* Magic Creeping Text bug
* Bottom Margin bug on Hover
* Losing the ability to highlight text under the top border
* IE/Win Line-height bug
* Double Float Margin Bug
* Quirky Percentages in IE
* Duplicate indent
* Moving viewport scrollbar outside HTML borders
* 1 px border style
* Disappearing List-background
* Fix width:auto

In addition we’ve added support for the following

* HTML 4.01 ABBR tag
* Improved (though not yet perfect) <object> fallback
* CSS 2.1 Selector support (child, adjacent, attribute, first-child etc.)
* CSS 2.1 Fixed positioning
* Alpha channel in PNG images
* Fix :hover on all elements
* Background-attachment: fixed on all elements not just body

It won’t pass the Acid2 test though – although neither does Firefox

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14 Comments on :
IE 7 – CSS – Yay yay yay!

  1. Rob says:

    Although not knowing what a few bits of that means Some of the things to do with borders should make my site look better on IE

  2. WonderfulAll of it is just brillaint.
    Happy now. Although IE7 beta1’s ui is ugly, hopefully that’ll improve.

  3. Rob says:

    Is some editing going on? Just testing IE for a bit and notice some things moved around here

  4. Red Dalek says:

    Really? No – nothing should have changed on these pages. What’s different? 😮

  5. Rob says:

    Probabally something I’ve done to make it this way lol BUT anyway I can’t see the left yellow menu, the right one is below this post collum and the comments are in itallics and the post backround has changed to a dark blue

  6. Red Dalek says:

    Bloody hell! Yes, it’s like that in IE6 too – see, this is why these improvements are so vital!

    Edit – Fixed, thanks

  7. Pingu says:


    Only by the time we have to stop using the IE6 hacks, it’ll be at least 2008. (take up time for Vista)
    By then the W3C will have released the full CSS3 specs and IE will suck again.

  8. Red Dalek says:

    Since neither of our sites are business sites, I suggest a ‘get-tough’ approach. No hacks for IE6, merely upgrade advise. I mean – I’ve never tested my site in IE5 and I don’t intend to

  9. alex says:

    I loved the pink gravatar pingu.

  10. Alex Newman says:

    I’m Back!
    Hey everyone. Just got back from a month of camp, but im leaving in 2 days for 3 more weeks. I’ll try to write more.

    – Alex

  11. Red Dalek says:

    Oooh – welcome back for this (short) time, be sure to write down somewhere all the gossip before you’re off again!

  12. I need to study computers more i didnt understand 3/4 of that :s at least im better than some people at website making

  13. Are those messenger smilies i see?
    Part of the redesign?

  14. Red Dalek says:

    In case you didn’t get your email (I might have your old address) – yes! And due to a big change of plans, the beta version of the redesign will launch very very very soon, for everyone! Hooray!

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