Matthew and I

Eton Diary (Part 6)

It’s time to finish these diaries! Eton – Saturday 9th July – the close. We had our last breakfast and then arrived for a talk about ‘applying yourself in interviews’ which might have been dull without the brilliant sketch in the middle. There was also stuff about applying to university complete with a mock UCAS form “that you can try filling in right now!” Wow, they’re keen…

Matthew and I

My parents then arrived sparing me a coach journey back, and then we got to our grand presentation that we’d been practising for, ur, the best part of two days! Despite the slightly sombre tone the London bombings had given us Matthew and I still got people to laugh (it’s all in the charisma – not the script) and we finally got our hands on those all important certificates. Plus a nice CD of all our music work. Hurrah!

Group Photograph

So that was it really. I have actually kept in touch with a few people, especially the lovely ones who said nice things about this website and Atif, who’s carried on the marketing debate via email. I leave you with a Guardian article about the whole thing.

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Eton Diary (Part 6)

  1. Maya says:

    it all finished too soon :'(

    btw loving the new site dom!

  2. yuna says:

    I wish it was longer too!!
    btw excellent site dom! Im there in the photo! lol

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