Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Getting away from all the technical posts – I saw this film the other day and it was really quite good Johnny Depp is fantastic, I kept trying to see Captain Jack (from Pirates of the Caribbean) beneath Willy Wonka but he just transforms himself for each role. And the music was much better than the Gene Wilder film… only thing I didn’t like was the extra ‘backstory’ (it made Willy Wonka too human – I was never convinced that he was!) and the use of ‘candy’ \ ‘Band Aid’ \ other Americanisms all the time. Oh, and the timeline was rather odd – the factory didn’t close a mere 10 years ago! Did it?

I wonder if they plan on making the sequel. Could be a bit claustrophobic if they stick to long scenes with everyone trapped in the glass elevator – but I’m sure Tim Burton could work his magic if need be.

And on a completely unrelated note – after being completely drenched in the rain today I hope no one ever dares to complain about teenagers wearing hoodies ever again.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  1. tasha says:

    yeah it was sooo brilliantangtasticalistic!!!!

    another americanism in it is that charlie says gross.

  2. johnny depp scares me

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