GCSE results will be available from 11am tomorrow morning from Queens Park. If things go to plan, I’ll be enrolling for Sixth Form AS Level choices as well: Maths, Physics, History and English. For some reason we need passport sized photos so I’ll be up early tomorrow morning to get those done. And I don’t have to rush home to blog because I can blog from my phone! Woo hoo!

I probably won’t be able to get much sleep tonight. Waiting for results is much, much more nerve-racking than the exams themselves. Seriously – at the time they were pretty relaxing in an odd sort of way.

If you want real pressure, of course, fast-forward two years time. I’d like to do a shout out to my 18 year-old self in 2007. Hi! What’s it like waiting for results to an exam that will literally determine the future of your life? Either you got what you needed for university, or you didn’t. GCSEs aren’t really like that, but it’s not very reassuring right now.

Today, August 24th, is also the 10th birthday of Windows 95. Seriously. The Start Button is ten years old today. Happy Birthday Windows, and may the future be bright. (But not too bright – that would indicate a bad monitor driver or something.)

Night night

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  1. Nic Parkes says:

    Good luck Dom, sorry I didn’t get a chance to say it to you on MSN. Too many convos about GCSE results when you came online that I had exploded and walked off.

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