Breaking news: GCSE Results

A in Spanish, A* in everything else. More later…

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Breaking news: GCSE Results

  1. tasha says:



  2. tasha says:

    i already knew from the phone call but still…

  3. Dad says:

    That’s pretty good, you know. Very well done.

  4. gilly says:

    way to go Dom, well done. Nature or nurture – or just hard graft?

  5. Helen Hudspith says:

    Well done Dom, brilliant news!

  6. Rob says:

    Woo, you couldn’t have wanted better! (maybe an A* in Spanish but hey)
    Good job

  7. Nic Parkes says:

    Excellent Dom! Well done :d

  8. Excellent!!!! I hope i get that for my GCSEs

  9. Wow, I shall never be able to blog mine now!


  10. neil nerva says:

    Well done in the GCSEs
    A great blog

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