Wind in the Worship

Pope Ratty has been busy. Take this simple quiz to see how progressive and forward-thinking the church has become…

What did the Pope warn against on his trip to Germany?

(a) Unchecked greenhouse gas emissions
(b) International terrorism
(c) ‘DIY’ religion

How did he describe the paedophile priest scandal?

(a) “awful and cruel”
(b) “abhorrent and savage”
(c) “wrinkles and shadows”

European multiculturalism is…

(a) “A brave and noble project”
(b) “Both a challenge and an honour”
(c) “Fleeing from what is one’s own”

How is he planning to reform church policy?

(a) Say that condoms aren’t such a bad idea after all
(b) Allow women to become priests
(c) Prevent gay men from becoming priests

If you picked C all the way through – congratulations!

Yes, Ratty’s latest initiative is to try and block gay priests. Why? Because it’s ‘unfair’ and may cause ‘temptation’. Presumably bisexual priests will be breathing a sigh of relief.

For this to work the Church gaydar had better work better than the Church paedophile detector…

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Wind in the Worship

  1. Alex Newman says:

    I found an article I think you might be interested in.

    You need to check it within a couple of days though, or it will require you to register.

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Blasphemous! Everyone knows the Invisible Pink Unicorn (Blessed Be Her Holy Hooves) created the universe!

    Unless… maybe the Spaghetti monster is related? Thanks for that Alex

  3. I lost the link but there was a pope doll with removable hat and things i need to go find it

  4. Very interesting, and rather clever too.
    His website is particualrly good once you’ve read the article.
    (I want a t-shirt

  5. Alex Newman says:

    Messengers of Faith, the Messengers of Faith logo, one2believe and the one2believe logo are registered trademarks of one2believe, a division of Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company.

  6. Don’t you just love religous dolls?

  7. El Barto says:


    (I really would say more…)

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