Technorati Testing

I’m experimenting with Technorati. Recently I’ve been using it quite a bit to search for breaking ‘news’ from the blogosphere and I thought “hey, why not give tags a go?” (I was also trying to avoid completing my online CV – but at least I’ve made a start now!)

Today I also:

  • Paid in cheques. Always a fuzzy feeling.
  • Applied for an Abbey e-savings account. Always a daunting feeling.
  • Listened to Loney – Akon… in Dutch. Courtesy of Pingu. Much better than the English version, precisely because you can’t understand the stupid lyrics.
  • Had one of those wonderful phone conversations with Holly Parkhouse where she manages to sound remarkably upbeat even with a swollen eye (ouch)
  • Made Alex Trafford laugh with my suggestions to improve Aspire magazine – this rather dull thing that’s send to all the members of the ‘National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth’. He suggested I blog them, so here I am.

Things I’d like to be included in Aspire*:

  • Geek page 3 girls
  • Dilbert
  • Geek TV Guide
  • Advice columns done by geeks for stupid people written in a patronising and mocking tone
  • Free gifts!

*(Not entirely serious – don’t write angry letters)

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6 Comments on :
Technorati Testing

  1. Aspire *needs* geeky page 3, geeky tv guides, dilbert, free gifts and most of all patronising articles!

    Free gifts…hmm…perhaps more keyrings?

  2. Pingu says:

    What is this ""ASPIRE""?

  3. Red Dalek says:

    The magazine for ‘National Academy Gifted and Talented Youth’ (

    Here it is:

    Riveting reading

  4. Nathan Wong says:

    Nothing wrong with aspire =P. I think I’m in a couple of them somewhere.

    Sorry Dominic, you don’t know me, but I was trawling the web for NAGTY members of all shapes and sizes . Glad to have found you.

  5. Sam jones says:

    hey im a nagty member and those aspire mags bore me to tears they should nhave a section where you can send in nominations for who you think is the thickest person you know!!

  6. oh by the way i’ve just (and by just i mean spending hours slaving over it like a real geek should) set up a free invision board at its for nagty members as i hate using the official nagty forums as you cant say the word tv or u get moderated super time. anyway if yur a nagty member or if u not but fell like pretendin u are then pop in plez the url is . im sure your first reaction is how rubbish it is but if you dont think i too much of a loony and are intresested make a post and ill be happy to let u help me out!!!!!!!

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