Cool new commenting feature

OK – here’s the deal. School starts on Wednesday 7th September. That’s when I’ll stop having the time to work on this site so much and, yes, I will take it out of beta once the final pages are up. Time to go into the big wide world of personal websites.

But first – when I first launched the new design, someone had the audacity to complain that the Emoticons page no longer opened in a separate window. Well, I’ve taken it to heart and now you can insert emoticons from the comment form itself. Check it out…! (Safari users may not be included – I’m not sure.)

Huge credits to Battleangel for the javascript.

Oh, and the photo of Hiten, Tade, Paresh and I just after we got our GCSE results made its way into the Willesden & Brent Times today.

PS – Oh, and I changed my mind about Technorati tags. Too much hassle…

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8 Comments on :
Cool new commenting feature

  1. Alex Newman says:

    Nice, better than in a new window.
    Plus, it works with FF

  2. Wonderful! I’ve only ever seen that done on forums before, works brillaintly, although I predict far more smilie laiden comments…

  3. Pingu says:

    Looking great!
    And it works fine in safari btw.

  4. Red Dalek says:

    Thanks – there is a bug in Safari – but only that it inserts the emoticon at the end of your comment instead of where the cursor is. Though as Nath pointed out, this is what most people will want to do anyway!

  5. J to the SON says:

    these can help me express my state of mentallity

    For when I am ninja man
    For when i point out Doms mistakes
    For when a guitar string brakes
    For when a new guitar arrives

    as you can see, im gonna have fun with these

  6. Nic Parkes says:

    That’ll be "Dom’s mistakes" won’t it?

  7. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-ya says:

    Don’t get clever nic
    ninja man is watching

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