The first computer game I ever played…


Podd – running on an Acorn Electron

You type a verb, and see if Podd can do it. Simple. And very, very cool. I played this is Reception class!

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The first computer game I ever played…

  1. i remember stuff like that i love to see how some stuff change so rapidly

  2. Katie Self says:

    Dom I think we have way more verbs to add to the list!

  3. Helen Hudspith says:

    ‘Pop’? What does he do, not a verb I know that well….

  4. Red Dalek says:

    He literally grows until he ‘pops’ into lots of little pieces. Very exciting when you’re 5

  5. Helen Hudspith says:

    Whadd’ya mean that’s pretty exciting when you"re nearly 40, too…

  6. Bag says:

    wow same here man, i played that game when i was in reception in carton vale. Man thats old

  7. Rob says:

    I remember things like that, they should really be released into the new console market

  8. El Barto says:

    Very much like the games I play on VisualBoyAdvance on the computer! It beats playing these perfect graphics ones they bring out these days! Reminds me of Ping Pong (if that’s the name! Hours of fun then and still is now as I’m sure Podd is

  9. You gotta love b3ta!

  10. If you mean this kind of thing http://www.strony.cad.pl/pong.gif then it’s pong

  11. Red Dalek says:

    The big secret about Pong has finally been revealed btw: http://www.b3tards.com/uploads/pong.gif

    (Thanks B3ta )

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