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Well, that was an eventful weekend. Hopefully it will pass into legend among the rest of the school, just like last year’s ‘a little too much drink’ incident. The gossip I know you want is that 2 people got sent home on Friday for smoking*, and 2 more were dispatched on Saturday for the same offence! Honestly – surrounded by a dense forest and you still managed to get caught.

Other highlights include the late-night corn field experience, which I’m geekily proud to have brought to you *live*, as it were! We got back around 1am and by 3 I was nice and snug in bed… until the fire alarm went off (guess why) and I had to drag myself out again.

Talking of sleeping arrangements – I found myself in the ultra-l33t room in the girl’s building. While the rest of the males were slumming it in the dorms (sorry guys) us lucky six were enjoying accommodation complete with a direct door to the neighbouring inhabitants and another fire escape for quick exit at the back. It’s not hard to see why I only got 2-3 hours sleep the first night!

When you’re living in a mostly-girl building, you learn a few things. Most intriguingly… that some girls consider it so important to be able to have a shower at half five in the morning that they will wake up the teacher to ask why there isn’t any hot water.

Jason should also get a mention here for making me laugh at his ingenious new game involving great skill and punnage. Basically – while on a walk or the coach, go behind someone and start inserting their name sneaking into your conversation. So for Safia, you can say “Look, there’s a fire!” and so forth. Try it and see! (Hint – don’t stand behind Rishal. The best you’ll come up with is “I wish I shall…” or other nonsense)

It’s a bit non-stop now… I’ve just done Maths homework and there’s a load I need to do for Tuesday. Luckily, there’s an INSET day on Wednesday for me to catch up with everything from to reading about the Russian Revolution to sleeping. Though not at the same time. Obviously. (Random Fact – Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky have the officially best names in history. What a pair!)

And finally – I want to acknowledge the wealth of Microsoft news about at the moment. Quick summary – Office 12 looks very cool (especially if the you watch the video, screenshots alone aren’t that informative), Vista’s taking shape nicely, IE have released a beta Developer Toolbar and Outlook Express is being renamed Windows Mail. With the same 3-column view used by Outlook and, shortly, Hotmail.

Nighty night!

*(If you really need to ask what, you shouldn’t be reading this post)

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Back from Gordon Brown

  1. El Barto says:

    Nah, only kiding. I would have read it and made an opinion but couldn’t be bothered. I’m too tired to read

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