The Moon 'Fact File'

Return… to the Moon!

But before we get to that, I forgot to add earlier that there was a murder in a house on my road while I was away, and we now have a police man\woman stationed there at all times.

The Moon 'Fact File'

Now on to nicer news – NASA has announced that by 2020, they will put a man on the moon! Imagine that! This will surely be a turning point in civilisation – a new era of space exploration while a world of peace and love will develop here at home! Yessss… exciting times. At least it might shut the snake-oil conspiracy theorists up, unless they think it’ll take the US government 15 years to make another dodgy film in a top secret bunker somewhere. (I am actually very happy about this – I just think it’s interesting how we’re replaying the 1960s. We’ve got Arabs to replace Russians, Iraq to rerun Vietnam and now this!)

See you in the moonbase…

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5 Comments on :
Return… to the Moon!

  1. That’s very scary.

    The NASA news is brilliant, and fantastically will shut up all the conspiracy theorists, and this time we’ll actually be able to watch it!

    I’ve also seen something about NASA having live, or almost anyway, feeds from the majority of their missions (reliable sources), so presumeably this will be included.

    Would be awful if millions of surfers saw it crash live though wouldn’t it?!

  2. The Moon Fact file is *Brilliant*!

  3. theres a fire says:

    Nope dom you got it wrong again, its 2018 they plan it

  4. Red Dalek says:

    *by* 2020 actually!

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