Christopher Robin’s grades went down with ALIS

Yeah, we had an ALIS test today. (Thanks a lot, University of Durham. Don’t you have better things to do?) It’s one of those annoying IQ-type tests where you’re not given enough time to answer the questions, and even if you did have time, you have to be one of those people with spatial awareness to fold the net of a cube in your head. I may have flopped the Maths section too. Not to worry, because it’s only useful for ‘predicting your A level grades.’

Of course, the prediction could be wrong, so the easiest thing to do is ignore any predictions and just get on with the work. Which is what I’m doing this evening – as all my homework somehow built up into a little cascade tonight.

I also felt vindicated at not going to the ‘photo reading’ taster session the school ran on Friday. I strongly suspected from the start it was all a con – and from what I hear I was proved right. Hooray for sceptical thinking! And let’s try and get the words ‘con’, ‘photo reading’ and ‘Marilyn Devonish‘ into Google shall we? All together now…

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Christopher Robin’s grades went down with ALIS

  1. guess who says:

    I hear the photo reading was quite good, I was informed by the gentleman who used to post on here as god. He told me he had a orange perfectly placed in his mind. Then again, he is a bit of a nutter

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