When writing this week’s (late!) DomSez, I considered doing something about petrol. The fact is, however, that there isn’t a lot to say. If there’s high demand, and low supply, the price will be high. Just like anything else. It may be ‘ridiculous’ to you that you have to pay £1 a litre, or whatever, but that’s the price the market will reach.

“But what about petrol duty?”

Yes – of course that’s true. But the underlying problem is that the cost of oil is rising because we’re going to run out of oil. And there’s nothing anyone can do about that in the long term. Apart from maybe buying a bicycle. We’ve got it easy at the moment, the government can reduce duty as a temporary reprieve. See you in 30 years…

(Oh, and hoarding petrol is, of course, counter productive. But if anyone is hoarding a perpetual motion generator, that’d be very nice to have.)

Edit – does road charging, instead of fuel duty, look so stupid now?

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  1. jay oil me up says:

    Man this big petrol issue is ridiculas. As you mentioned, the oil will eventually run out in about thirty years, and so the oil companies have realised that they have that time to slowly rise the prices before oil runs out completely. In 40yrs time I can guarantee that the companies that deal with oil will be non-existant. They would either have had to have made millions from those cheap and tacky ‘mini-marts’ they have put in the petrol stations or found a way to flog it’s company (eg I think shell would be used for some childs scuba diving school). By the time we are prime and ready for our mid-life crisis we would have lost oil, so I predict that the year the oil goes, will be the year that breaks the record for most suicides. You knows it

  2. One make more electric cars. Two, why rise the petrol to a ridiculas £1 (or to be precise 99.9) a litre its gonna run out either way,

  3. Red Dalek says:

    One – electric cars still end up requiring oil at some part in the process

    Two – because no one ‘decides’ to rise it to £1… it will just happen naturally if there’s high demand.

  4. down with oil (less its on women) says:

    where does electricity come from? It is ultimatly made via oil. In the future however the renewable energy supplies might just suffice for the country. If not, how will dom an others survive without electricity and the internet?

  5. Red Dalek says:

    If not, I think you were spot on in your first post when you predicted a slightly increased suicide rate

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