Quick Time 7.0.2 for Windows

Does this bug affect everyone? Try installing said pathetic excuse for a media player, and then in ‘Player Preferences’ untick ‘Show Content Guide at startup’. Exit and reopen the program, then try to maximise or resize it. If you’re getting the same result as me, you’ll know instantly that Apple have screwed this one up pretty badly.

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Quick Time 7.0.2 for Windows

  1. Pingu says:

    Quicktime rules.
    (incindentally, I hated it on Windows, but when I got my Mac I released it for the true beauty it is)

  2. El Barto says:

    Same here Pingu. I now love it on my Mac.

    I have now changed my view on Windows Media Player however, it’s terrible!

  3. Quicktime player is hellllll

  4. Rob says:

    Come to think, I’ve never used Quicktime apart from when some websties have its content!

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