Queen’s Park Day

As Katie mentioned it was Queen’s Park Day today – which is my annual excuse to eat a bag of candy floss. (I did feel a bit sugary and nasty afterwards though.) The stalls and events are not particularly interesting themselves, especially since I missed the QPCS Jazz Band, but it’s more of a chance to wander round and see people you don’t run into very often.

Oh, and Tasha and Alex (Trafford) are both in big trouble for leaving their litter on the grass

Right – tomorrow I’m planning to actually buy the Guardian for once instead of reading it all for free online. It’s their big relaunch with the new Berliner-size format which I can say from experience on holiday is far easier to hold and read. I wonder if the Telegraph and the FT will remain the last stand of broadsheet bulkiness for long…?

Incidentally, for anyone interested in software user-interface design I found a great blog today. Check out flow|state. I’ve always found this kind of stuff fascinating for some reason, despite not being a designer at all.

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Queen’s Park Day

  1. Did you happen to actually see us? Because otherwise we may just get away with it! Wait now that it’s on the interent the community support officers shall get us

    I’m really rather interested in their new re-launchish thing, and I think I’ll have to buy it as well, just to experience it, althought I love the way you can read the guardian online, which I’ll be returning to after the first non broadsheet.

    flow|state is simply brilliant, I love that kind of thing, my bookmarks are full of them, and just by coincidence (I can’t really remember what I was searching for) I found a developer’s blog that said he worked on Keyhole, so yay to coincidences!

  2. Mix says:

    you blogged about buying a newspaper? and i mean you tell us your planning to do it? I dont know whats more odd, you saying that, or me reading it

  3. If you reread it you’ll realise he’s making the contrast between the newspaper’s broadsheet format and it’s new one, and doesn’t just say "I’m buying a newspaper tomorrow" but rather explains why, and again is less about buying a newspaper and really about the transformation of the Guardian.

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