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A moment of MSN zen from the archives

It’s 1996. You’re the world’s largest software company and you’ve got a groovy new product fit for the information superhighway: MSN. It’s hip, it’s cool and it’s like, totally radical dude. So how will you get this across to the restless sport-obsessed youth of the day?

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MSN Advert

Enter these two! That’s right – it’s marketing, 1996 style. Download and enjoy for your viewing pleasure! You’ll never look at MSN the same way again.

And remember kids… Get on the ball, get MSN!

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6 Comments on :
A moment of MSN zen from the archives

  1. Wonderful!
    Not sure it would have got me to sign up, but hey great little nostalgic moment there

  2. El Barto says:

    Wow! It’s like an old Cheestring advert

    Windows 95!

  3. Sanna says:

    That’s like, embarrassing, man. I feel like a twerp using MSN now.

  4. do the mix says:

    ‘Get on the ball, get msn’


    I also can’t wait to play spike2

  5. tiago santana rocha says:

    muito bom mesmo adorei olha se tiver msn me adiciona ai falow beijão

  6. Soumahoro says:

    si tu reçois ce message sache que c’est dans le cadre de Correspondre

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