Sixth Form… rocks!

OK, I don’t know why I bothered with the whole ‘Year 7 – 11’ thing because Sixth Form is so, so much cooler in every single way. Here’s why!

  • Every teacher you have is great. They save them up for Sixth Form and tell them to be friendlier too
  • You get your own common room to eat in, instead of perching uncomfortably on the benches outside.
  • You also get your own room by the library, with its own exclusive computers, and no uniformed young people in sight!
  • Just in case one wasn’t enough, you get multiple teachers for each subject. In the case of History – three!
  • You don’t have to wait outside for the bell in the morning – you can go straight in and avoid the crush. That is going to become very useful in the winter.

Lessons are great too. New electronic registration is, ur, having a few teething problems but looks fancy. And I’ve already installed and customised Firefox on my user account (my special extra-privileges account I should add)… because if nothing else, tabbed browsing is vital for research.

Now I’m off – I’ve got a week to read Wise Children

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Sixth Form… rocks!

  1. El Barto says:

    My friend loves Sixth Form as well as I’m sure everyone across the country is. I’ve never known people to praise it so much as you never really listen to older people ‘cos at the time, it didn’t matter. I can’t wait for College which should have these features as well and for once, we can all be treated like humans!

  2. I envy the being let into the building in the morning, perhaps we could arrange something: I could be your stufy aid or PA, maybe?

    The Sixth Form Library room *is* very cool, year 9 should have one for the all important SATs!

    Is the network nicer to Sixth Formers in general?

    Hopefully all this extra work won’t keep you from blogging.

    Oh, and your room can’t beat our wonderful benches!

  3. Red Dalek says:

    Re the network – yes it is. You can a different background, control panel and better interface generally. But I don’t really know cause I don’t have it I still have my special MCP one which notably includes Hotmail – one thing I know for sure Sixth Formers don’t have atm! (Though when someone gets round to updating SurfControl, they should)

    Dunno if ‘ordinary’ 6th Formers can install Firefox but I expect they might…

  4. Budd says:

    How i felt in yr….

    get it?

  5. Indeedy, the first three pretty much make sense for me too

  6. guess who says:

    can i just point out that the network is not nice to everyone, just dominic because his form tutor is ms maginn and she happens to get on well with you. no-one else that i’ve talked to has these extra privilages you talk of.

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