Could it be true?

Touch wood, a force-refresh seems to be successful at bringing back Gravatars at the moment. As you probably know they’ve been having problems the past week or two and we’ve all be subject to ugly black or grey boxes, but things seem to be looking up at last.

Talking of weblogs – I heard today through MSN that someone had been attacked on the way to our school (not by another student or anyone they knew, I understand.) It was a nasty shock, and I hope they’re all right. It actually got me wondering how news like this filters through various communication networks. By the time it reaches you, you have no idea how accurate the details are. The truth will normally come out through the school, but that’s days later in an assembly or newsletter if at all.

Wouldn’t it be good for schools to interact with students more online? Could there be a Queens Park weblog? And it doesn’t just have to be for the rare occasions like this – schools are full of bits of information that could be gathered in one place and discussed online. I mean, it’s 2005 and we’re still using School Councils, noticeboards and Friday newsletters? Why can’t I subscribe to an RSS feed of all this? Why isn’t there a podcast of Governors’ meetings? (OK, maybe that is going too far).

School websites at the moment seem to be very static, circa-2000 sites such as this calendar. As usual, I think they’ll catch up, but it could be a while.

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Could it be true?

  1. El Barto says:

    You used to get Newsletters? WOW!

    We got nothing. That’s no exagaration either, we didn’t actually get ANYTHING!

    At least now with College they use BB and Pools etc… for us to visit online for the latest happenings and events.

  2. buddman says:

    I see what your saying. I have also been thinking our school should post more information on it’s website, and im not talking about updating it once every year, like they do now. Dom, I nominate you to go to the sixth form council meeting and talk about the school website. Then you volunteer to be in control of it. I bet your thinking ‘noo, im far to busy’ then you fail to realise the experience you can claim to have experienced.
    Anyway, to your last blog, I think union jacks and st. georges croses should be in every school in england. And union jacks everywhere in the UK. Why? you may ask. Well there’s a simple answer which im confident i dont need to explain. But you might think the whole flag idea is too american or even too patriotic. But you have to ask yourself, what country do you live in? what country do you get free education from? A flag is just a small way of reminding you what country your in.

  3. Rob says:

    We get newsletters, but not that often! There is though a plasma screen in the reception with some stuff on it

  4. Red Dalek says:

    Oh We got Queens Park News on a yellow\gold piece of paper every Friday. Nothing to shout about though! (Someone’s been on a trip, you are 99% likely to hear the phrase "great experience" )

  5. Ragnarok says:

    Ah yes the QPCS yellow newsletter, *shivers* QPCS teachers arent really the listeners to our ideas, i think before getting the school all updated, GET BETTER UNIFORMS! lucky for you your a 6former..

  6. The uniforms are alright…at least we’re not a blazer and tie

  7. Red Dalek says:

    I think the uniforms need a natural evolution rather than a shock change for the sake of it. Lose the red collar (already done I believe) and allow people to wear their own black trousers to stop the stupidness from some people of wearing two pairs of trousers.

    I’d also be minded to allow people to wear their own outdoor coats – the school simply doesn’t offer any good alternatives. Fleece is nice but where’s the hood?

  8. Nic Parkes says:

    South Bromsgrove Commuity High School actually are introducing a podcast with the latest news.

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