No kayaking this week…

… as I had to attend an English lecture on Othello instead, and while kayaking\canoeing is great fun this was really interesting too. Especially considering I haven’t read Othello and only got a brief summary of the plot beforehand (we don’t start doing it till next term). The lecture (from Prof Robin Headlam-Wells) concentrated on Othello’s ‘clash’ between a heroic culture based on honour, and a civil one dedicated to justice, law, soceity etc. The bit about ‘honour killings’ today got me thinking – how many teenage boys have a set of criteria from which it’s OK to beat your wife? (That’s a rhetorical question, I read the statistics in the Guardian.)

I personally gave up on the whole ‘honour’ thing when I decided survival was a better policy

Edit – Oh, and tomorrow is ‘Progress Review Day’ = A Day Off. Nice.

Double Edit – Today’s fun fact question: What is Tory leadership challenger Liam Fox’s flagship policy on education?

Answer: put a Union Jack outside each school. Good to see he’s got his priorities sorted then!

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No kayaking this week…

  1. Simon says:

    Hi Dominic, can you please put some information about Windows Vista and Office 12 on your website please.


  2. Red Dalek says:

    And ever try and duplicate the incredible Paul Thurrot (, Jensen Harris (, Scoble ( the other Microsoft blogs ( or Channel 9 ( Never!

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