Captain Jack

How very exciting! Torchwood!

Captain Jack

Captain Jack

From the BBC:

Captain Jack to get his own series in new Russell T Davies drama for BBC THREE

Russell T Davies is to write a sci-fi paranoid thriller in a major new drama commission for BBC THREE, it was announced today by Stuart Murphy, Controller of BBC THREE.

Torchwood is a 13-part drama series aimed at a post-watershed audience and has an organic link to Doctor Who.

“Torchwood is a British sci-fi paranoid thriller, a cop show with a sense of humour,” says Davies.

So Captin Jack gets his own TV show, in an anagram of Doctor Who Wonderful!

Hmm… 26 weeks of Doctor Who-related material… that’s half a year’s worth!

More from BBC News and The Independent and hear all about it straight from Russell T Davies himself in mp3.

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How very exciting! Torchwood!

  1. Lima says:

    I think dr who is a man

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