No more MSN Messenger

Since it’ll be Windows Live Messenger.

Great, so instead of saying “Oh, MSN me tonight” we’ll be saying “Oh, Live Messenger me tonight” or something. Riiight.

At least the butterfly will finally be going. I never liked MSN branding

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No more MSN Messenger

  1. Ragnarok says:

    WTF!?!? i take thats not good for me

  2. Rob says:

    What about releasing Recorded Messenger

  3. Red Dalek says:

    At 9pm tonight, your scheduled chat with Red Dalek, recorded two weeks ago.

  4. Claire says:

    msn is gay y they changing their name 4?

  5. El Barto says:

    lol. I haven’t had the ability to say MSN in a while now. Mac’s use ‘Microsoft Messenger’ which is exactly the same! They are the biggest Messenger Client as far as I know so why not just call it ‘Messenger’?

  6. Alex Newman says:

    get AIM, solves your problems

  7. Nic Parkes says:

    AIM only solves problems because whilst it’s still installed, you don’t realise you’ve got the problems!

  8. Alex Newman says:

    lol true
    thats why i have trillian

  9. no name required, check gravatar says:

    MSN is evolving at a slow rate, by now I would have expected they introduce classic msn, for all the geeks to compare how much msn has changed, since they first downloaded their first email about star wars.

    Another thing, is msn more important than other news such as the real events? such as the whole fact of a blind man in parliament, or even the fact that a poor horse called ‘best friend’ died recently. But i guess horsy boy missed out on the new msn

  10. GOD says:

    why do people care, it isnt a big thing and iot wont effect your lives one bit.

  11. Meow Pal says:

    Never you mind god, i think you should get back to your porn. I don’t think you’ve watched your sexist viewing quota for the day

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