Busy but happy

That pretty sums up me at the moment. Today I gave a presentation on A Clockwork Orange which went really, really well. Honestly, I just got it right after spending hours preparing (and rehearsing!) it yesterday. All hail multi-coloured cue cards as well, though not forgetting what they taught us in primary school… make eye contact!

There’s a glut of festivals at the moment – so hope everyone who celebrates them has\had a good Halloween, Diwali, Eid and Bonfire night!

Incidentally, I should mention the shit that George Bush is in at the moment. But I was thinking the other day – imagine there was some magical transformation tomorrow and America suddenly got a progressive government, determined to forge a better country with say – [gasp] – universial healthcare. And imagine the people fell behind this, and there was a great change in public attitude.

Even in this fantasy-land, we’d still be stuffed. The budget is in deep defecit, unlike the days of Clinton, and there would simply be no money to do these things. Not the mention the Supreme Court will soon be lurching rightwards (if such a thing is possible) so the social conservatives would be able to block things they didn’t like. You know, like gay people.

Honestly. We can’t even use the old cliché of budget-slashing penny-pinching right-wingers any more. It’s all the spending of the left without any of the benefit. The worst of both worlds.

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