Bad week for fundamentalists

On Monday, the first gay weddings (OK, ‘civil partnerships’ – but that’s not going to last long) were performed in Belfast. Already, it actually seems a bit silly to mention it. Was it really just 20 years ago that Thatcher declared “children … need to be taught to respect traditional moral values” versus being gay? (And she was relatively liberal compared to some in her party, believe it or not!) Well yes it was, but in the meantime there’s a new generation who don’t have time for moral values of any description (we’ve got coursework to do people!) and would rather get all this civil rights stuff over and done with before supper time.

About 40 people staged a protest, which is a rather pathetically sad thing to do. Just because you weren’t invited doesn’t mean you have to be a prick. Thankfully two comedians infiltrated the gang holding “BRING BACK SLAVERY” and “EARTH IS FLAT” placards. Good job! (And was I the only one to wonder what on earth an anti-sodomy sign is doing at a lesbian wedding in the first place?)

So yes anyway, now that God is staggering around drunk after a gay wedding reception, it’s the perfect opportunity to push him out of the science classroom. And in America too! I’m so proud

Of course, ‘intelligent design’ will be back. The challenge now is to recognise the new name creationism will take (I recommend ‘Supper Happy Funtime Theory’ or ‘Amazing Magical Smiley Hour’) and then fight it again. Perhaps get a Supreme Court decision or two just to make things clear.

In the meantime – the zealots might want to start looking out for the Rapture. Oh look, there it is! Oh no, sorry, that’s just your President in a bit of trouble with fulfilling the law (Romans, 13:10)

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Bad week for fundamentalists

  1. Alex Newman says:

    lol we did something good
    for once
    speaking of good, yay transit strikes

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