Teh tree! Teh tree!


We just decorated! It’s traditional to do it on a Saturday, apparently, or at least for us it is. The tree, the tinsel, the baubles! All there, and now I’m feeling quite Chrismassy at last. And the site isn’t left out – the home page has already been transformed, and I might do something to the banner too. Just to show I care.

Teh tree! Teh tree!

Teh tree! Teh tree!

It’s interesting, because if you’ve been watching The Daily Show you’d know that America seems to have got a bit funny about Christmas. Specifically, the extreme-right are insisting that there’s a ‘War on Christmas’ from the secular communist sodomite Jews who are trying to stop you getting any presents this year. Apparently, the phrase ‘Happy Holidays’ is especially offensive to them.

I don’t have any problems with Christmas. It is a secular festival by and large – Father Christmas, trees, snow, tinsel… this is what most people think of, not Jesus in a manger. Those who want to celebrate the Christian aspect can go right ahead. I’d remind you that it was basically Pagan to begin with though. And the name? Pfft… chill out.

It’s also Hanukkah around the same time, of course. Happy Hanukkah!

If you are feeling particularly concerned at the lack of Jesus, this week’s B3ta newsletter would cheer you up. Check out how to put the Benny Hill back into Bible. (Note – not for the squeamish. Or anyone trying to avoid hell.)

(Post edited to show off the tree)

(Double edit to thank Pingu for the marvellous Santa banner)

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  1. Will says:

    Merry Christmas Dom

  2. Alex Newman says:

    Yeah, Hannukah is late this year. Good though, its basically during my school break.

  3. Rob says:

    Just incase everyone puts "Happy Christmas" …
    Season’s Greetings

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