17th January 2006

We got our candidate statements of entry for the AS exams in January today, and I found out that on the 17th I will have English in the morning and Physics in the afternoon. Which is kinda good, I guess, because if I have a good day I can storm through and get it all done. I won’t bother to type ‘But if I have a bad day…’ because I’m sure you’ve already worked that out for yourself.

I also have an ICT exam a few days before on Friday 13th. (Great date for an exam…) I haven’t really blogged much about ICT, because I’m really keeping it a bit quiet. Basically I’m having a go at the thing without the whole going to lessons\doing the homework business. I’ll be doing the coursework over Christmas or something, and reading through the book. Y’know, if it works it works. If not, I’ll have proved that school really is useful once and for all

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17th January 2006

  1. Sandiego santos says:

    Only one comment?

    Oh no wait thats just me

  2. Nathan Wong says:

    I think that your date is wrong :s

  3. Red Dalek says:

    ICT – OCR
    Physics – Edexcel
    English Lit – AQA

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