How incredibly l33t

Well I saw Jon Stewart live tonight at the Prince Edward Theatre. Wowness! Evening started off with a few clips from the Daily Show reports about London (big laugh at the ‘UK and Falklands Island correspondent) and then Jon and two other Daily Show writers \ producers came out to read from America – The Book. (Yes, the same book I was blogging about exactly a year ago – I feel so ahead!

The final part of the show was a Q&A from the audience, at which point we realised we were probably the only Brits in the audience! It appears Jon Stewart’s More4 appearances haven’t built up his profile enough… although plenty of Americans and Canadians about.

Oh, and I swear it was Jimmy Carr sitting two rows in front of me. (Yes yes, I guess he’s British too.) Couldn’t be absolutely sure but it definitely looked like him. Jimmy, if you’re sad enough to search for yourself on Technorati, give me a shout OK?

Actually – before the show started I was thinking that as an American Jew, Jon Stewart probably presents a double whammy terrorist target. But honestly, with a pot of Belgium Chocolate ice cream as well, I wouldn’t have cared much.

And if you were wondering – no, I didn’t get woken up at 6 this morning by the explosion. Most likely this was due to me going to bed late after virtually attending (MSN wise!) Josie and Lucy’s wine and sugar fuelled party. Not as late as they were up though, as I turned on my phone this morning to receive not one but three texts from 4am.

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How incredibly l33t

  1. Josie says:

    It was damn good party as well. see you don’t need lots of people to have a party the three of us had a good time. Even though you where only there in spirit.

  2. Lucy says:

    It wasn’t THAT late…

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