Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart Live!

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

Just booked tickets to see Daily Show great Jon Stewart at the Prince Edward Theatre on December 11th. (Well, mum did. Thanks mum! She bought a flat screen yesterday too.) This promises to be most excellent…

The way I found out about it was rather exciting too – a guy named David Johnson found my site, and sent me an email with the details. Cheers! And yes, don’t worry, my suspicious mind found out their phone number independently and phoned up to ask rather than buying online on the advise of a surprise email, just in case. But the tickets are now ordered, so yay!

And if anybody else feels like coming along, buy tickets now

Right… tonight it’s Certificate Presentation Evening so we’ll be dressing up to collect our ‘proper’ GCSE certificates. I’ve also won the Myers award for Humanities (just be assured of its l33tness and move on) and also, ur, 100% attendance last year. Hey, I don’t get ill, OK? I was even helping out with Hiten’s speech-writing the other day…

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Jon Stewart Live!

  1. Alex Newman says:

    That should be fun
    Every few weeks my global history teacher shows us parts of his show

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