David Tennant

Children in Need

David Tennant

David Tennant

I tend to avoid Children in Need – both in real life and on TV. But this year we had a taster of Doctor Who so I endured Jordan and Peter Andre singing to watch it. David Tennant (I’m so glad I can spell the Doctor’s name now) rocks, of course. If you missed it, slap yourself and then watch it online anyway. And then you’d better donate something too.

Somehow I neglected to mention that this is a Four Day Weekend for me, as we’re having a double whammy of INSETs. Which is great, cause it means you can curl up in bed to avoid the cold cold weather!



And finally, Babbleblog has died. So long, and thanks for all the fish fluff. From Pingu’s amazing collection of Apple products to Nic’s school fueds (with comments turned off, thank you very much) to Jon’s motorbikes, X’s explanations as to why the SSP were really really bad and GG’s infrequent but welcome touches of Californian living. And that’s not forgetting Nath who would always tell us all the stuff Nic choose to leave out. Babble – RIP.

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7 Comments on :
Children in Need

  1. El Barto says:

    Can’t wait for Doctor Who

  2. Larry K says:

    neither can i , it should be good , maybe better than the last 1

  3. Rob says:

    Enjoyed the clip online
    And have thse comment boxes changed a bit?

  4. Red Dalek says:

    Just a bit Rob, yeah

  5. Rob says:

    And they are looking very

  6. El Barto says:

    Nice search box at the top!

    Slight mod to the right panels and I like it! Don’t forget to change the ‘MSN Messenger’ one when it changes

  7. Katie Self says:

    Dom if you talk about you ‘four day weekend’ one more time, i’m gonna trash you room.

    PS. At least I got to go to school in my PJs for children in need.

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