Trusty sonic screwdriver faces Maths homework

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a good one!

We spent the morning plundering stockings as usual and then a traditional and delicious Christmas lunch complete with turkey, roast potatoes and those wonderful mini-sausages wrapped in bacon. Mmmmm! My Secret Santa present is worth special mention – it was a babbleblog group thing between Pingu, GG, Mr X, Dan, Nathan, Nic and myself – and mine turned out to be from Pingu. Not one but three gifts! A McFly calendar (which went straight to Tash), some splatter egg things and the real heart of the present – a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver!

This thing is super cool. It extends, makes noises and flashes just like you’d expect, but it’s also fitted with a special UV pen and light for writing secret messages. You can run around the house all day with this thing feeling six years old and loving every minute! Thanks Pingu! As a matter of fact he was my Secret Santee too so I got him a talking Dalek mug which yells “EXTERMINATE!” if you try to pick it up.

Trusty sonic screwdriver faces Maths homework

Trusty sonic screwdriver faces Maths homework

Rose is forced to watch ITV1

Rose is forced to watch ITV1

Talking of Doctor Who – I’ve got to say now that the Christmas Invasion episode was simply astounding entertainment. We went to grandparents in the evening to meet up with all the family (which was also great ) so recorded it and watched at about midnight as a family together on the sofa. Amazing! Killer Santas, evil Christmas trees, a fantastic new Doctor, scary new aliens – it was magnificent. Russell T Davies needs a knighthood for services to humanity.

What’s more, it won the BBC the ratings war with around 9.4 million people tuning in, the second highest rated programme that day after EastEnders.

On Boxing Day we had our traditional walk on Hampstead Heath to try and stave off any seasonal obesity. Because as the next photo indicates, I’ve also got a whole load of food to eat now – including those wonderful Creme Eggs which Katie bought. There are some other goodies pictured too… you can see my tastes from the trio of BBC DVDs but honestly, they really do rock when it comes to great programmes. Look Around You deserves special mention as I finally bought it (a couple of years after airing!) and it made me laugh heartily today. “Thanks ants. Thants.”

Xmas Goodies

Xmas Goodies

And finally, I want to give a shout out to Lucy because she hasn’t had one yet, and because Nic singularly failed to introduce us for years even though we’d get on so well. And also because she shares Josie’s trait for funky hats. Which rocks.

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Merry Christmas!

  1. Will says:


    You had what I had for dinner! Couldn’t be bothered doing some overgrown turkey this year however so we all had some turkey thingy from Iceland which serves 10-12 apparently

    Looking at your sonic screwdriver closely, it has a screwdriver inside it!!! I may sound stupid saying that but I can’t say I’d noticed it in the show as it’s always being held. Doctor Who WAS great! My sister sat down to watch it for the first time since it came back and she left saying ‘I can’t wait for spring’!

    Well, Christmas Eve was long as always but Christmas Day went so quick! I got up about 8am I think and opened presents and it was pratically 2pm! Boxing Day was nice, cold though but relaxing! Sorry to bore everyone but it’s nice to break out after being completely suffocated by your family over Christmas! (Not complaining)


  2. Jake says:

    Merry Christmas Dom, did anyone watch Doctor Who on christmas day? i thought it was really good

  3. Rob says:

    Hope you had a good one
    And yeah, along with everyone elses comments so far, we also enjoyed Doctor Who.
    Christmas day went quick as usual and we had pleny of people over as well.

  4. I *really* want a sonic screwdriver! It’s fab.

  5. yuna says:

    That srcewdriver! ITs wicked and soo useful!! Doctor who mug! WOW! lucky! EXTERMINATE!!!! mug its wicked for a xmas present! lucky!!

  6. larry k says:

    doctor who was not greant but alright , David Tenant is too wishy washy and chirpy to truly play gritty characters like that ,in my opinion . but hey ho can’t buy the world so ill rest on slough

  7. nic says:

    Those are "pigs in blankets," or "kilted saussages," Domnic.

  8. Red Dalek says:

    Hehe I never thought of it from the pig’s point of view before!

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