Futurama returns!

Gracias to El Barto for the news that Futurama is returning to DVD, at least according to Billy West who provided the voice of Fry in the most excellent cartoon.



Futurama never found the mass audience that The Simpsons did but in some ways this turned out to be a good thing. My view is that at Season 9 or so The Simpsons lost its edge and become simply a very good show rather than a classic. There’s something nice and geeky about Futurama and its humour which I love.

Right, if this news is confirmed I think I’ll crack open some Futurama DVDs tomorrow to celebrate

(Thanks to Got Futurama for the image – the Futurama fan site)

Edit – I want to make it clear to readers that The Simpsons still rocks absolutely.

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Futurama returns!

  1. Will says:

    Agree about The Simpsons. It’s just a watchable show now from seasons 10 – 17+ but I still love it better than any ever show. It’s a weird feeling but I wouldn’t get bored of it!

    Can’t wait for Futurama, I just love that show. My real thanks goes to Matt Groening (although I still hate that fact he slaps his signature everywhere)

  2. Jake says:

    Me and My Dad love watching Futurama on T4! :p i could buy him the DVDs as a present for his bday (which is months off) I agree with Will Simpsons is the best no matter what ppl say

  3. Rob says:

    Ah Yeah, also like to catch Futurama when it’s on 4

  4. Pingu says:

    I love Futurama – can’t stand the Simpsons these days.

  5. Will says:

    I miss the morals of the show. Each episode had a meaning before and made you think! Now it’s just random jokes which are pointless. Can’t wait for the movie though.

  6. Vishal says:


    Let’s talk Simpsons!!!

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