ICT Exam

On Friday I was probably the most relaxed I will ever be for an examination in my life – AS ICT. I blogged about the circumstances here but it’s basically my exam ‘on the side’ – I’ve never been to any of the lessons but I have read the book. Anyway, I think the exam (OCR ICT – 2512) went well, especially the question ‘Desribe, with examples, the differences between hardware and software’

This weekend I should revise for English and Physics. And I will, I promise! Hence the shortened blog. Respective happy birthdays to Alex Trafford and Nic Parkes though.

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ICT Exam

  1. Nath-O says:

    Dom, that question looks like a toughie.. Hope you got it right

    Happy birthday, again, Nic.. And happy birthday Alex (whoever you are )

  2. Rob says:

    Doesnt software feel a bit softer?
    Hope you put something like that

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